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What a Comprehensive Case Report Entails

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What a Comprehensive Case Report Entails

Comprehensive Case Reports In Medical Malpractice

Include whatever you desire.

Our work product is designed to help you present your case. You are the best judge of how that should be done. Select from any or all of the following components of a comprehensive case report.

Usual Components of a Comprehensive Case Report:

  • Brief cover letter.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Timeline of significant events.
  • Identification of applicable standards and deviations from those standards.
  • Compilation and summary of current or applicable research and related theory.
  • Copies or abstracts of pertinent research.
  • Identification of the duty, breach of duty, causation and damages.
  • Identification of potential defendants.
  • Recommendations regarding expert witnesses.
  • Identification of possible defenses for both defendant and plaintiff.
  • Summary and recommendations as in the brief report.
  • List of documents and records reviewed.
  • List of references.
  • Follow-up interrogatories.

Additional Assistance can be provided throughout the case by:
  • Organization of the medical documents in chronological order.
  • Identifying requests for production related to pertinent policies and procedures.
  • Finding expert witnesses.
  • Helping to interview and prepare expert witnesses.
  • Continuing medical research.
  • Assistance with preparation of demonstrative evidence.
  • Other duties related to medical issues.
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Our Contact Information:

Professional Nurse Consultants of America, LLC
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Marlene H. Brengard, RN, MSN, CLNC
609 West Poplar Street Paragould, Arkansas 72450
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